I read other bloggers everyday.  Every fiber of my being would LOVE to have the voice that some do---Click HERE

Notice your mood is set before you read one word of what is to come with the beautiful-haunting piano music.  THEN you begin to read the lyrical-peaceful-inspiring words of author, Ann Voskamp.  Voskamp wrote One Thousand Gifts.  A best selling book inspired by her listing of the gifts in her life.  NOT an easy read, but profound-thought provoking-soul searching exploration of our blessings and what will happen as we live our lives in the joy of thankfulness for them and not in the desire for that which we do not have.  I read a few pages at a time---it is one of those voices that you have to take tiny bites and chew and chew--before moving on to the next bite.  She has such a peaceful--lovely voice---the voice I would love to have.

Instead --the voice I have---can be too loud, has a drawl, laughs until breathless, and screams and yells when over the edge.  Rather than lyrical--somewhat staccato-I fire out words in bursts resembling gunfire on the battlefield.  Where is my charm--my allure--my breathless whispering?  It cannot be found on these pages--for what I write is a lot like what I live---sometimes joyful--but also from the pit of despair---sometimes with my tongue in cheek and a smirk--but then again in the bluntness of pain---sometimes with laughter bubbling out with each word and every reread--but other times with tears pooling and then pouring down my face.

We all have different voices for God's good pleasure.  Rather than covet another's voice, I should live in the joy of the moment and accept who I am as who God created and is greatly pleased with--in HIS very image----Turn up the loud stirring music in my soul---dance and laugh and then accept the low hum of the love song that pours from my heart as I sit and weep.  Ann's voice is beautiful--lyrical---poetic--but the voice I am blessed with--it pleases Him---He HAS no favorites and we are all beautiful in His sight.  

Job 34:19


  1. So thoughtful, your words, your voice, today, Lulu! Love that Ann was speaking through our blogs both at the same time! Thank you for sharing that moment with me!

    1. Found your blog through "In courage". I will post a link on my sideboard to your blog----We ALL need many voices of wisdom and encouragement in our life. God uses us all with the voice that he gifted us with.


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