One of the rainy afternoons during the glorious days of friends visiting, we went to the movies.  Nothing out of the ordinary until I discovered the film was in Spanish with English subtitles.  This was not my first foreign film experience, and I have enjoyed most of them greatly.  This movie took a surprise twist at the end and left me shocked and teary.  Just as life has endings that surprise and bewilder us, sometimes the movies do as well.  This was not a "And they lived happily ever after" movie-but still enjoyable.

One of the things I noticed while watching the movie is it takes a good deal of concentration to not only read the subtitles, but also focus on the facial expressions, the body language, the action, and the surroundings.  It was an added element of experiencing the movie--and I really did a much better job of truly "Watching" the movie and getting the picture of what was really going on. 

Would it not be great if we all came with "Subtitles"?  We could all walk around with little boxes over our heads or around our necks, explaining where we are coming from.  It would add a dimension to explaining our, at times, weird behavior.  I always say when someone is acting less than kind and gracious, "There is more to the story than we are seeing and hearing."  Something has to explain the tendency to act like a donkey's behind!

While we are at it, what would you think if God gave us subtitles?  They might say things like- "Saved by Grace", "Shepherd's Lamb", "Beloved Daughter", "Lost but Found", "Beautiful Creation"---just insert you own subtitle.  Sadly  some would walk around with signs such as "Fallen Away", "Sinner", "In The Dark", "Eating with Pigs", "Lost Sheep".  If God gave you a subtitle-what would it say today?   

"You will know them by their fruit."
Matthew 7:20

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