Why would someone in their right mind put a singles ad in a publication or join an on-line dating site?  Simple---loneliness.  Many singles quietly but desperately fight the demon of loneliness.  In today's world to be willing to put yourself out there in search of companionship with all the bad things that can happen is a symptom of the panic caused by the realization the remainder of your life may well be spent alone.

God has given me some wonderful friends---most of whom I left in R.  I am slowly making friends here in FW---mainly through church, but a few through the other venues.  Friendship comes with time---getting to know someone---talking--sharing--spending time together.  It is a slow process--but also a highly rewarding endeavor.  The best thing I can say about FB has been reconnecting with a lifetime of friends.  Some things never die---and only require a little fanning of the flame to get the fire going again---good friendships are like that.

I have noticed a difference in the manner that some friends treat me.  It is as if they do not quite know what to say to me or how to treat me.  I suppose part of my identity for most of my life was "wife of" and now that my identity has changed, some feel awkward when around me.  All of my really close friends have treated me as they always have--conversations are the same--we do the same things together---everything is the same.

There is some awkwardness at times with couple friends.  When you have spent many years socializing as a couple with other couples, it becomes awkward being a third wheel.  The invitations that once were issued to a couple are not always extended to a single.  Looking around me and observing--I do not think single men experience this.  I have a theory about that--but this blog is not about fairness in singleness.  Watching my single women friends, I see many who are staying at home--alone--and lonely.

What is the answer to this dilemma?  I propose to start a movement--Singles Social Society---the banning together of those who are alone.  Take the initiative to invite couples as well to join the singles socials. Life is filled with diversity---so our social circles should be a good reflection of that. Purposefully draw kindred souls together --and see what happens.  What have we to loose--except another weekend in front of the television, reading a book, or staring at this computer.  

"Be devoted to one another in brotherly love; give preference to one another in honor;"
Romans 12:10


  1. Thank you for sharing your heart this way and for your honesty. I was the last person in the world I ever wanted to hang out with. Learning to be ok in my own skin was tough. But God is gracious and He is putting people in my life that I never imagined in a million years would want to be my friends after all I have done. He is faithful!!

  2. I'll join the SSS! I'll even design us a badge or something! :) Love you.

  3. I'll join the SSS! I'll even design us a badge or something! Love you. :)


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