When I returned from my trip, I was met with a series of frustrations that had me begging for a break.  After a 3:45 CST wake up in preparation for the flight home, I found myself in tears when parting from my friends in Atlanta.  One of the reasons I have gone home only twice in a year is the difficulty of returning to Fort Worth after being bathed in the fellowship of lifelong friends.  This parting after a week of fun and laughter and constant companionship was extremely difficult.  My plane being delayed in Atlanta did nothing to help alleviate my mood.  Finally touching down at DFW, I had to negotiate finding transportation back to Fort Worth since the train would not run for another two hours.  

It is always amazing to see how God works---my driver was an Ethiopian who had been here in the states for twenty years.  Hearing his story of moving here with the help of a Christian agency was a blessing.  God’s constant provision under very difficult circumstances were evident in each turn and twist as he poured out the tale.  I should have listened better and remembered to apply every sight and sound to God’s ongoing lesson plan for me.

When I arrived home, my car was dead---not even a grind when I turned the key. This story is a long story that I will not put you to sleep with, but suffice it to say the battery was truly dead.  Son #1 tells me take the battery out—have it tested—then replace if it is truly dead.  RIGHT—I am on it!  SIL thankfully comes over and I carefully watch him as he performs this operation—after all---HOW was I going to take a battery to the auto shop—on foot?  He gets the battery replaced and once again I am good to go.

The same day of my home coming I discover my cable and thus-Wi-Fi are disconnected!  After a 45 minute telephone conversation, it is discovered they unhooked it when hooking up my new renter.  It was going to take an act of congress to get it hooked up again and finally in frustration I tell them leave it unhooked and I will return their equipment.  After the car is fixed, I return the equipment and was told---“Oh we can fix this and give you a better deal”  AFTER I announced I am moving to another company.  THANKS—but NO you had your opportunity.  So today—one week after returning from my trip—my new carrier is installing my cable/Wi-Fi.

The last straw that broke my proverbial back---was getting lost when trying to find a funeral home.  My sweet friend lost her son and the service was scheduled for yesterday.  I looked up the directions---it seemed simple enough---but once again I am like the Israelites wandering in the desert—going in circles.  In frustration and tears, I returned home vowing to move back to Louisiana.  Once a small town girl always a small town girl!
After the final frustration/annoyance, I went into the blame shifting mode---WHY am I having to tend to all this alone?  Why is there not anyone to even hear the story when I am so frustrated I could scream?  How am I ever going to do this?  Why does my life look like this? 

AH—then the return to the lesson my friend from Ethiopia was trying to teach me----TRUST.  Even in the small things---even in the dailies---Look to Him—Trust In His provision.  Remember how blessed I am---everyone has frustrations (if you do not –please do not tell me) –everyone becomes annoyed and even when you have been in the same place for years and are surrounded by loved ones—you can be alone. 

Back to Square One---and LEANING IN TO HIM!

And the Lord will guide you continually and satisfy your desire in scorched places and make your bones strong; and you shall be like a watered garden, like a spring of water, whose waters do not fail.
Isaiah 58:11


  1. Trust..for a simple word, it sure is complicated huh? Thanks Lulu for the kind words on my blog..really..they did help. Thanks for the smiles and some giggles on your journey, I know they prob. didn't mean to be funny.. but, I try to look on the bright side..notice, I said try..another little simple word that means alot. Blessings

    1. Well Linda,---I laugh a LOT---and look heavenward and say REALLY????

  2. Hi Lulu! First of all, welcome back to blog-land. I have missed you!
    But oh my gosh, you really had the rain pour down when you returned. I'm so sorry for all the troubles you had. You and Job had a lot in common. But like Job, you're ready to learn the lessons of trust, and that is a huge thing! I'm so glad that you can see a connection to God in your trials. And you are a model for me. I don't always come to that conclusion easily. It's great to read that you did!
    I pray that this week will be a peaceful one for you,

    1. I was shamed when I thought about how small my frustrations were. Perhaps my irritation co-efficient was low since I was still exhausted from my trip. Always sweet to "hear" your voice, Ceil!


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