I became a Facebook member to keep up with my children and grands.  In other words, so I could snoop around in their lives.  NO ---I do not snoop--but I love seeing the pictures they post--when they post them---HINT HINT--of my precious grands.  In this fast paced high tech world---join up or get left behind.

SO--I am on Twitter---Instagram---Facebook---Google +---Linked In---and in the Wide World of Blogging. I still have not figured out what in the world they all are about--but HEY I'm a member!   It is how I keep up with all of you---we share our lives through the world of the Internet.  All updates are shared in Web Bites--via Social Media.  We live in a hash tag--abbreviated message---best picture- world which is supposed to be the latest and the greatest improvement in communication.

Here is what I have discovered--

When we start comparing ourselves--we are headed down the slippery slope of dis-satisfaction.  We quickly forget only the best and perfect are shared with the WWW.  Guess what---THEY HAVE BAD HAIR DAYS--DO NOT ALWAYS PUT ON THEIR MAKE UP--THEIR KIDS MISBEHAVE--THEY CAN BE A GROUCH---THEY FAIL TO OBEY ALL LAWS--THEY OCCASIONALLY SMELL--THEY HAVE WEEDS THAT GROW IN THEIR GARDEN--AND THEY HAVE MESSY HOUSES---NOT TO MENTION THEY DO NOT ALWAYS AGREE WITH THEIR SPOUSE.


AND----we all do not go on exotic vacations several times a year--nor do our children all graduate with honors--nor is every meal we serve a treat fit for the most sensitive palette.  Our family reunions can resemble backyard rumbles and holiday meals sometimes take on the aroma of burnt offerings.  My car has two dings in it--my house needs repairs--my social life has fizzled--and my jeans are too tight.  I am an imperfect person in an imperfect world.

Do NOT get me wrong--I love seeing your updates---BUT when your update begins to cloud my perception of reality---I am in trouble.  When seeing only the best of the best---I begin to get the impression everyone has a perfect life--I am in trouble and headed down the road to depression.  

ALL this to say---my life is messy---things are never going to be photo-op perfect here in Crazyville.  I do not live in a cozy mansion with a loving husband surrounded by adoring children and grands.  My exotic vacations involve sleeping in a room with three other women after hiking all day through the boulders, mud, and mosquitoes. My gourmet meals are mostly baked potatoes  and the last family reunion was so long ago my brother had lots of hair.   My body is sagging with age, my gray hair is thinning, and my wrinkles are wrinkling.  I am in constant state of "Need To's" and "If Only's" and "Sometime's"---all covered with a layer of procrastination and excuses.  BUT HEY---I LOVE MY CRAZY, FAR FROM PERFECT, WILDLY BLESSED LIFE!  

SO I LOVE YOU ALL--friends far and wide---but pardon me if I do not post any pictures---I could never do justice to my Perfectly Imperfect Life!

A cheerful heart is good medicine 
Proverbs 17:22



    I am developing a new Social Media website called SmellyGram; whereby the recipient can move closer to the monitor and smell the pictures therein. Imagine a photo of a beautiful bouquet of flowers, or a just baked loaf of bread, or ... (whatever you wish to imagine).

    In the meantime, Lulu, just post any photos you wish and we'll imagine the smells.

    God bless.

    1. OH, VICTOR! You ALWAYS make me laugh. I do suggest once you have your new website up and running that
      you refrain from sniffing when I post a picture of me working out!

  2. AMEN!! Thanks for posting the TRUTH !!

    1. I stand by the not so beautiful truth!

      Thank you for commenting!


    The last time I read Lulu what a long time ago... What an interesting name... I must thank you for making me feel at home.

    God Bless

    1. You are welcome, Victor. The name was given to me by my grandson. Lu is part of my name--a toddler turned it to Lulu!

      Please visit anytime, Victor!


Your comments keep my writing and often cause me to think. A written form of a hug or a pat on the back and an occasional slap into reality---I treasure them all!