If you could hover above your piece of the world or take a seat as a spectator as the action unfolded, what would your Christmas look like?  Through the eyes of an innocent by-stander, what comments would be made about the direction of your celebration of this important birthday?  If only we could turn around and see ourselves as others view us day by day.  I tend to place way too much pressure on myself to create the perfect Hallmark Christmas when the truth of the matter is I live a soap opera life.

My Christmas Present has included much prayer and concern for the world and those in my sphere of presence.  I see parents who have lost their children, friends in final illnesses, friends who have lost their jobs, the homeless under the overpasses in the frigid night air, and a nation torn over political philosophies with no tolerance for an opposing conviction and a total loss of all civility.  I have put up the trimmings, played the seasonal music, planned the time with loved ones, and yet I cannot seem to forget all of the sorrow, distress, pain, and disrepair I see all around me.  My question has become, "What does God require of me in this hurting world?"  How can I celebrate when so many are unable to move beyond their distress?

  God desires peace for us.  How do I find peace in a world filled with sorrow, anger, and pain? And yet, how could I not celebrate when I remember the true meaning of the season.  When I reflect on the birth of a baby so long ago, how could I not remember with awe and wonder that first Christmas.  There is only one answer, and it is His birthday we celebrate.


I am called to pray for all these I have mentioned, help those in my path, and trust Him for the peace that passes all understanding.  God desires my concern, but God does not want me to become mired down in all that is wrong.  God wants me to remember what is right with the world--remember Who is always by our side--remember He is the Great Comforter--remember He has a plan for us.  God wants me to celebrate, be thankful, and find joy in all the blessings which surround me.  God desires my presence in the present--and for me to remember there is always hope which is sustained by my faith.

So be assured, if you think Christmas will be better behind you, I am praying for you.  If the pain of loss, aloneness, sickness, or dire circumstance are overwhelming, I am praying for you.  If the wonder of the season is hidden behind the veil of grief, He will comfort you, as I pray for you.  The very one who is the reason for the season--He is right beside you--and He loves you beyond your wildest dream.  He is present in your very present and He is reason enough to celebrate.

Fear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.
Isaiah 41:10


  1. You are right, Lulu. Very right.

    There is a lot wrong with the world right now; both world-wide and in our own small sphere of existence. If I were to look around me then there's plenty to cry and feel bad about; and little to be cheerful for.

    But what if Jesus were to speak to us right now; what would He say?

    "Is this the way you celebrate my birthday? With a long face like a mile of bad road? Can't you be cheerful for all I have done for you? Can't you trust me to look after the bad things in life?"

    As Christians, we have a lot to be cheerful about; not just at Christmas but always.

    Joining you in prayers for all those worse off than we are.

    God bless you and yours, Lulu.

    1. Yes, Victor, praying for the least of these and serving those put into my path.
      Blessings, Friend!

  2. Gosh....this the 3rd time I have had to fix my makeup this, Mari and Deb...thank you sweet friend. Totally agree with Victor. smiles

  3. Hi Lulu! Thank you for your prayers, as I come to the first Christmas without my dad. I also heard some very sad news about a person I loved very much, and it causes me such sadness. I know that the grace and the birth of Christ will overcome any sadness of mine, but it does bring up the fact that not everyone's life is sorrow-free.

    May we all celebrate the Prince of Peace with tears of joy, and love in our hearts,

    1. Praying for you, Ceil, that God would comfort you with warm memories of your dad and the assurance that Jesus came that first Christmas to give us peace.
      Blessings, My Friend!

  4. Another beautifully written post!!! Let us remember that Christmas is the season of hope and love and peace. "For unto you a child is born... And, as Victor said, let us celebrate His birth and know every care is in His hands. Merry Christmas!!!

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