The big news here in Louisiana is the flooding from Hurricane Harvey-both in Southwest Louisiana and Southern Texas.  Still reeling from last year's 100 year flood in South Louisiana, the resilience of both states is being tested with yet another catastrophic flood in both states.  The Houston area is reported to have never had floods to the degree experienced in the torrential downpours from Hurricane Harvey.

Rescuing the citizens is a top priority at this time and the Cajun Navy has once again launched a full out operation to pull victims out of the rising waters.  The rescuers are on their way to assist in saving lives.

The full effect of the storm and flood will not truly be realized until the waters recede and the clean up begins.

As I experienced last year after the Louisiana floods, lives will be forever changed following this epic disaster.

The storm has come and the effects are only beginning to be felt by those in the path of this hurricane.  Who knew when this storm began brewing it would be this bad.  Our finite human mind's are limited and unable to fully fathom the true impact of great storms such as this.

As I saw while working the flood recovery in South Louisiana, the spirit of man is difficult to squash.  Most only want to go home and it was amazing to see how many volunteers were willing to aid in that quest.

Into every life, storms will come.  At this very moment, there are several friends enduring great storms of a different type.  A storm is a violent reaction of the atmosphere and it has been my experience the atmosphere surrounding us can be disturbed by more than the weather.  We all need rescuing at times in our lives--not always from flood waters--but just as catastrophic to our being.

We have a rescuer--we have a life line--we are able to call out for help in the worst storms of our life.  He is able--He is always on call--He hears our pleas.

May we all pray for those affected by this huge disaster.  May we help where we can.  May we remember the source from which our help comes.  

I will lift up mine eyes unto the mountains:
From whence shall my help come?
My help cometh from Jehovah,
Who made heaven and earth..
Psalms 121:1-2


  1. Praying for all those affected by this storm. The photos you posted were seen on our TV news. I hope you are far away from the affected area, Lulu.

    God bless.

    1. The aftermath is coming our way, Victor, but 8 inches of rain is nothing like they have suffered in tghe southern regions of the states. Thank you for praying .

  2. I was just thinking along the same lines...we were watching the news last night and my/our troubles are nothing compared to those folks...been there, done that, survived Hurricane Katrina and a EF 5 tornado and that's why we live where we live now, sigh...Keeping all in prayer, Lulu.

    Just so sad...

    1. Yes! To have all your worldly possessions destroyed gives you a new perspective on what is important. Life is to be valued above all else!


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