Today's word comes from a blogging friend who  is a Christian counselor.  Her blog is HERE .  She told me this is her "Word of the year".  There are many out in the blogging world who come up with one special word to concentrate on during the year.  Linda's word for 2021 is

Well now ~ what do I think about this??   Let us begin with the definition

the faculty or phenomenon of finding valuable

 or agreeable things not sought for

This definition I can live with.  Another one I found speaks of luck.  You all know I am not a big believer in luck.  This seems to discount God's participation in our lives.

I found this while researching today's word.  One of the topics I found was serendipity in scientific discovery.  Penicillin, Viagra, X-rays, radiation, and microwaves were examples of serendipity in scientific research.  Something was discovered while looking for something else.  Is it serendipity or is it a different conclusion to a hypothesis?  Perhaps I am playing with words here.

Some would see my volunteering at The Well as an example of serendipity.  My goal in volunteering is using the gifts God has blessed me with to glorify Him through service to others.  Are the relationships I have formed with the sweet ladies at The Well  serendipity or an overflow of God's abundant blessings?  Is it serendipity or is it all part of God's perfect plan?

Is serendipity really an overflow of God's love for us?  Personally I do not put much credence in chance.  Chance, luck, fluke, break, happen-stance all seem to say God does not have much say in our lives.  It causes me to question God's character if I believe in any of these "accidents".  I believe in a God who is all knowing--including those "accidental discoveries".  He is never surprised.  His handiwork is all over our lives--including the serendipity.   We should always acknowledge the work of the Holy Spirit when we are surprised by the discovery of things not looked for.  There are no happen-stances--they are all God directed outcomes of our seeking.  Serendipity from God.

"For I know the plans I have for you,
declares the Lord,
plans for welfare and not for evil,
to give you a future 
and a hope."
Jeremiah 29:11


  1. I don't believe in luck, either, Lulu. Everything that happens is because God has a hand in it. Linda's word for the year reminds us all that unexpected surprises and discoveries await around every bend in the road.

  2. Hmm! Good thought on Linda’s word, Marths!
    Thank You!

  3. Maybe serendipity is our perspective of the glimpses of grace God gives as He builds our faith. It would be easy to leave Him out with words like serendipity, luck, coincidences…….by nature we want to give attribution to these experiences. And we do - whether we speak of His sovereign grace and mercy by His presence in all or karma or hard work or serendipity therefore attributing outcomes to the “unknown”. I prefer lagniappe to serendipity - God delights in the unexpected extra 🥰

    1. Very thought provoking comment. Yes, lagniappe may be a more preferable term.
      Blessings, My Thought provoking Friend!

  4. God has so many delightful joys and encouraging surprises for us, doesn't He, Lulu! And popping in this evening and hearing your heart is yet another ...

  5. Maybe God nudges us in a certain direction ...

    God bless.


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