Recently I had a visit from this fellow---the caboose of the grand crew. The crew of seven (perfect number), their ages start at 21 and end with this 18 month old ball of energy.  Either he is the most energetic of the crew or I have slowed down considerably, but he kept me hopping for an entire week of Lulu visit. 


Side note---when I wonder why my right hip hurts so much---I remember years of a big baby nestled on that hip.  WORTH IT!

I watched him with amazement as I remembered his dad at this age.  This one is a chip off the old block.  You have to keep your eye on him constantly because he can be up to something in the blink of an eye.  No sense of danger, no fears, and a great case of curiosity, he can be out the door and headed down the street before you blink an eye.  He walks exactly like his dad, has his facial expressions including that sly grin, loves to laugh and might play rough with the dogs if allowed---all in the sense of this is great fun.  He has a big appetite and loves to chomp down---will try everything and likes most all of it.  He goes hard, loves big, and has a sense of adventure already.  Always on the look out for the next thing to get into, he is a spinning top to say the least.  I might have laughed and thought about the pay back his daddy is getting for all those years of chasing him.  He is proof in the pudding we can not outrun our gene pool.  

As I reflected upon their visit (immediately after recovery time), I began to think of the Holy Trinity.  We call God the Father and Jesus the son in that trifecta.  HMMM---so when we read of the life of Jesus here among us, we are getting a glimpse of the character of His Father.  God has given us a visual we humans can understand when we think of Him as the Father and Jesus the Son.  Same gene pool---one reflects the other.  Think it over---what say ye?

"Many other signs therefore Jesus also performed

in the presence of the disciples,

which are not written in this book;

but these have been written

that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ,

the Son of God."

John 20:30-31


  1. Oh he's a cutie! One of my grandsons is 20 months, he's an adorable monster. He's always on the go, one of his favorite things is to steal my chair when I get up, but he also comes over to be picked up and hugged and rocked, just for a few minutes, then he's on the go again. He follows me like a shadow when I'm getting things done, makes more messes than I can clean up, but oh dear I love him. The grandkids are a total blessing, but oh my, I wonder how I ever managed, but I guess I wasn't 56 years old when I chased my own little ones....

    1. You should try the chasing game at 73! LOL! NOT as fast as I once was!

  2. What an adorable and adventurous little guy, Lulu! Yes, it is hard to keep up with the grands the older we get, but it's worth every moment. Great insights, too - like Father like Son. We can truly get to know God by knowing Jesus.


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