MY COSTUME--------

I've had my costume on ALL DAY!  I got up this morning and put on my work out clothes for my 5 mile walk.  Put my hair up in a pony tail (very small-low pony tail)-----and off I went.  It is now 13 + hours later---I have NOT had a shower---I HAVE been in the yard a lot of the day.

SO my costume is dirty/sweaty/smelly work out clothes and OH YES---I did put a hat on at some point---to hide the lovely hair---  Hopefully I will get in the shower at some point before bed---but I am greeting the LEGIONS of Trick or Treaters AS IS!

One good thing about being alone---there is no one to remind you that you don't smell so good or look so good----if you can stand yourself and don't look in the mirror---WHO IS TO JUDGE!

SO---Happy Halloween----there goes the doorbell---need to greet the little darling ghosts and goblins----if you have candy in your hand---they don't run off screaming from the sight and smell!


Dear Friends---I HAVE VOTED----SO no need for ANYMORE political emails-messages-posts on Facebooks---THE DEED IS DONE!  

As I was voting absentee late this afternoon, it occurred to me this could very well be my last time to vote in Ruston/Louisiana.  To know the election officials and have a conversation---to strike up a conversation while waiting and find a common thread to talk about.  More than likely---I will not be voting here---UNLESS

The current housing market is VERY slow---NO lookers---so there will not be a move until God's perfect timing is complete for me to move.

There will be many lasts to come----just as the first year alone was full of many firsts--LIFE IS ABOUT CHANGE!


One of the not to be named neighborhoods in Fort Worth that Camille is encouraging me to look at is a LOVELY part of Old and Downtown Fort Worth. Some houses are approaching 100 years old---small lots---sidewalks---older trees---the feel of a city neighborhood.  Many of the houses have been remodeled while still maintaining the feel of the period.  I LOVE this area.

We were discussing all the possibilities Saturday night and Adam mentions that the neighborhood has a large population of "Alternative Couples".  I must admit---I didn't even blink an eye---just said that would be fine---I like diversity.

BUT now that I am thinking about it----not to be cliche or stereo-typing BUT---it would be nice to have neighbors that are manly enough to help a lady out with a few chores that I struggle with---and I could use a helping hand with decorating and choosing the right things to wear and how to cut my hair---and what fun to cook with someone who also loves to cook AND best of all----someone that wouldn't mind discussing our feelings.



I've been experiencing Fort Worth since Wednesday late----I have toured the inside of The Jennings' refrigerator and their laundry room.  I have viewed --reviewed---and restocked various toys numerous times.  BUT---the biggest part of the trip has been exploring areas of Fort Worth to live in.

My current home was bought specifically because it was relatively new and I would have no major expenditures for quite some time---KNOWING that I planned at some point to move.  At the time I had no idea--that I would be ready so soon.  SO when I started talking about houses in FW--I thought I would like to be another one that is relatively new.

The BIG thing to consider is where The Jennings are now and where they think they will end up.  Camille especially is a "People Person" and likes the charm of living in the midst of LOTS of people.  Turns out---at heart --she is a city girl.  I am sure you are aware---there are very few new homes being built in the city---they are all in the burbs.  That is too far away---remember the point--stay close to the family.

So I have had a change of heart and am now looking at houses in the city---that have been remodeled in the recent past.  Not ready to buy---have to sell a house first, but after a little talk with God about where I need to be--I woke up this morning convinced that I should live in the city.

The next hurdle is the price of real estate in the city.  It is MUCH more per square foot if you are in the midst of things and WHY Camille felt the need to point out all the areas that I will NEVER be able to afford--I don't know--but she did.

SO I have had to have a reality check and remember my finances---and drop my "Want" level.  I looked online at a few houses this AM---and I think I will be fine----

Going to Embrace The City and learn what it is like to live in the big middle of LOTS of people---Looking Forward to the learning experience!


SO as I am driving to Fort Worth yesterday---with each new mile---my throat gets sorer and sorer.  I have taken 2 doses of pain reliever---and it STILL hurts!  I am thinking---WHY on my way to see the grands does this happen?  Of course, I am exposed to a room full of 3 year old germs Every Sunday AM---but WHY now?

I stop at the first pharmacy that I pass after exiting the interstate and load up on drugs.  Trying to ignore the pain---and discomfort and possibility that my throat may be swelling closed---I await Dr. SIL's arrival at home.

Dr. SIL comes in after 9 PM after a 17 hour stint in SICU.  He hugs his favorite MIL & we exchange niceties.  I then tell him "I have a very sore throat!"  He glances my way and says, "Mine has been really sore for a week."  THAT IS IT!!   NO sympathy--NO miracle drug--just I AM IN MUCH MORE PAIN THAN YOU ARE!

I am looking for Dr. Compassion to be my new doctor here in Fort Worth---Dr. SIL---is fired before he even got out of the block!  There is NO honor among relatives of a doctor!


With #1 Daughters help---THINK I have this show the NEW Blog thing solved---Let me know if you see it!


OK---about to show my age----it was a REALLY big deal when growing up to "Go To Town".  I really don't remember many of the details of just what we did in town---remember my Daddy LOVED to go to the coffee shop where plenty of "talk" (i.e.-gossip) happened and lots of leg pulling went on.  We occasionally drove ALL the way to Monroe--which today is about 30 minutes away---but then--was an all day trip.  We did some clothes shopping on those occasions.  I just loved Going to Town.

I am leaving tomorrow after my volunteering and "Going To Town"---the town I will be calling home in a few short months---Fort Worth.  Always busy when I go to Fort Worth---this time there is a 2 year old birthday party and lots of other things planned.  

I will be more aware this trip of my surroundings---trying to figure out what it will look like when I am officially a Texan.  First things first--gotta get my house sold--which means someone needs to come look at it---

BUT for now---I'm going to town tomorrow!

KNOW when to fold em!!!!!

There are some of us who are prone to share WAY TOO MUCH INFORMATION!

SO--from the voice of experience here----when they say---I have a boil----


It opens the trap door to the gross slide to

WAY MORE than you care to know!

Lora's Proverbs:   3:14


HE is the potter & I am the clay---
Mold me & make me--
As YOU would have me be


FINALLY I hit the double digits on my long run again after a LONG time of staying in the single digits.  It's hard to run the long distances---when under stress, when it is hot, when it is raining, when it is not raining, and when you are in SORRY shape.  

Once the temperatures in the early AM hours began to go down--we decided it was time to start upping our mileage.  We added a mile a week until today---I finally got to 10!  You don't really feel like you have done a TRUE long run--until it is at least 10 miles.  Running is all a head game---and this is one of those little trigger points---10 miles.

SO------after more than a year---well truthfully more than 18 months--can't remember the last time actually---I am back at 10----it wasn't pretty but it's in the books!


I am moving forward---house on the market---beginning to think about packing--AGAIN---finding answers to more questions than I care to think about---Headed in the direction that I truly believe God wants me headed.

The nagging question in the back of my mind--that will not go away---

How did this happen?  Why is my life so different from what I thought it would be?  What is wrong with me?  

I have reconciled myself that I will never have the answers to these questions---SO why won't they go away?


I am amazed at the things I have been able to do without help.  I've always had to fend for myself---even when another was around--he wasn't around much---preferred working to being at home.  So I tried to do most things myself---but on occasion-I would wait until the man of the house came home to help me.

NOW--there is no other to help---so I have to figure out how to do it myself---move heavy furniture----pick up heavy things---(does sometimes result in back problems)--you name it---I have to do it alone now.

Today I had to get a 10' rug into my Camry----bring it home--unload it---man (or woman) handle it into the house--unroll it--and get it on the floor.

Perhaps it is true--"Where there's a will there's a way"!


I met with my sweet realtor friend, Tami, yesterday and talked over selling my house.  She told me that the neighborhood I live in is "Hot" at this time---and it is time to strike now.  I was thinking I would list next Spring--but she made me start to think.

SO--I signed on the dotted line tonight and a sign will go in my yard tomorrow.  The need to have the house spic and span every minute will begin immediately.  People trooping in and out of my house and looking at my things and having something to say--pro or con about my taste starts tomorrow.  It does not make me happy to know that I am open to public scrutiny---and I am offended when someone does not like what I have--initially.  Then I sit back and think and remember that God created us all different and you don't have to like what I do and I don't have to like what you do---and that is OK.  IT IS BUSINESS!

So I am thinking about what I will do if my house does sell and making alternative plans to living here in that case.  Know I have said this before---but IT IS DAUNTING!  The entire process is unbelievably complex.

Why did I not move to TX last year instead of buying this house and living here?  I would have been fleeing a year ago---fleeing the pain---fleeing my misery---fleeing my life.  I am not fleeing now---I am just moving---moving on with my life.


I have made an agreement with 3 other friends--that EVERYDAY-I will thank God for the circumstances in my life.  We talked about that is NOT what we really want to do----What we want is for God to listen to how WE WANT our lives to look.  Even if we don't go there---we CERTAINLY do not want to thank him for the perceived cess pool we find ourselves swimming in.  

DO WE OR DON"T WE trust Him?  When talking this over, I admitted that I am pretty sure that I will NEVER understand how all that has happened will work for good---EVEN when I am promised that they will. 

"ALL things work for good for those that LOVE THE LORD and are called according to HIS PURPOSE." Romans 8:28

As I was praying this morning---the knowledge that I am HIS CHOSEN one---that HE loves me---poured over me.  

TRUST AND THANK HIM---I am working on it!


I am not moving for over 7 months---but for some reason I started obsessing about the cost of moving-(can you spell OCD?).  I went on-line and looked up the cost of movers moving me the 300 miles to Fort Worth---$4000 -at least! SHOCKING!

I am thinking---I can't afford this --what am I going to do?  Within 2 days, one of the small group that moved me to my current home and mows my yard for me now, Firemen Extra-ordinare---Dustin--when I tell him that I am moving-says "I'll move you."   You get the U-Haul---I'll pack it and move you to Fort Worth and unpack you.

WHY am I so shocked that God provides OVER AND OVER?  I didn't have to ask---should not have even been a factor---but he reminds me ONCE AGAIN--not to worry---HE is my provider! 


Today is long run day---we have settled into a Saturday group of 5 and added 2 more today.  Even with the better numbers--because we all run different speeds--sometimes you end up alone.  We do stop and wait for others to catch up---but there are still times--when you pound the pavement solo.

We are upping our mileage again and today we ran in territory we have not run in for a while.  Sam and I added another mile the others did not and were at the farthermost point.  A police car comes screaming around the corner---gunning his motor.  We turn the corner and here comes another one.  He stops with his window down and asks, "Ladies have you seen a tall male with pajama bottoms and a grey shirt?"  I explain that we had not and told him the route we had run. 

After he left, I looked at Sam and said, "Well if he jumps out of the trees at us, not to worry, I will die from a heart attack and he will never have a chance to attack us."

Sometimes---I am better off NOT knowing!


There was a time as a young girl--that I had a horse---Molly was a beautiful paint horse that I LOVED.  Rode her on an English saddle---my Daddy's concession to Momma's insistence that my horse riding needed to have the look of a lady.  OH SO IMPORTANT--to be a lady!  What she didn't know were the times that I took off to the pasture across the pond from our house and climbed on her bare back.  That stopped the day she threw me off when she saw a snake.  Live and Learn--

ANYWAY---I guess if I move to "CowTown" as Fort Worth is affectionately known--that will make me a CowGirl---NOT to be mistaken with the Cowboy Cheerleaders---don't think I could pull that one off!    Just How DO  modern day City Cowgirls dress?  Sweet Jule---Adam's Mom---seems to fit the part---LOTS of turquoise jewelry---sometimes denim--sometimes boots---sometimes skirts that you could sit a horse with (YARDS of material)---she seems to have "The Look".  I need to start taking notes!


I have started researching on -line the house choices in Fort Worth----

today I found 3,995 houses listed for sale

in 136 neighborhoods

in a city of 740,000+ residents